What Is in Store for Cryptocurrency In 2018?

One thing is certain about Crypto Currencies, no one knows exactly how it’s going to behave. The value of Crypto is based on the number of people that use it and trust it. The more trust, the more value. It’s that simple. Today we’ll be looking at what we  (think) [best educated guess] the Crypto Market will be doing. If there is one thing we can say for sure…is that this fresh new trading environment is only going to get BIGGER!

There were many predictions by so-called experts in 2017 and no one was able to predict it correctly. Most thought Bitcoin was a bubble that was about to pop and others predicted moderate increases up to $4,000. No one expected it to get to around the $20,000 and even though it has dropped, it has still settled around the $15,000 mark. What the mainstream media seem to be forgetting are the huge returns it has made over the year than the occasional profits taking. Anyone with a Bitcoin Wallet with a sizeable amount held in it over the whole year made a fortune and the same will happen the year ahead.

The world’s governments weren’t prepared for BlockChain technology or as we call it “The Great Disruptor” and in placed like China they had Regulation Wars…or in other words, trying to tame the weather.

In 2018 we are going to see a “regulation war” as Governments will try to control the decentralized product. It is going to be a very difficult task to control a Bitcoin Wallet and one which is doomed to fail. Rather than fighting the crypto revolution, they should be embracing it. It will only take one country to adopt their own state cryptocurrency and the rest will have to follow. There have been many rumors that China and Russia are going to release their own cryptocurrency. If this happened, the 2017 boom in cryptocurrencies will look like a drop in the ocean.

BTC might not be the highest Crypto Coin by years end, but then again…it still might be even bigger than expected. People like McAfee and the likes are investing large sums of money in BTC meaning we shouldn’t count it out. On the other hand, Currencies such as Ripple might be etching out a place for itself in the near future.

Ripple has the possibility to become the world’s leading cryptocurrency in 2018 and has pushed Ethereum into third place. With the banks and hedge funds now dipping their toes into the crypto market, these two digital currencies are their preferred choice. That could send the prices skyrocketing and transform the sector.


2018 is going to be a roller coaster of a ride and as the worldwide economy gets worse, cryptocurrencies will benefit. The regulation battle is going to get dirty but due to the decentralized nature, it should be able to survive the war. We are going to see inflation get out of control in many parts of the world due to the collapse in fiat money. This will escalate the economic crisis and the solution to it is cryptocurrency. It only takes one government around the world to realize this and the revolution will make the boom of 2017 look like a tiny blip on the chart.

As you can see, nobody ever really “knows” what the big picture will look like, however the smaller picture, the AltCoin Market Place has a few very lucrative scenarios in the upcoming year. This is where we focus most of our efforts on. In fact, we saw today in another Hop Trade group one of our coins shooting up 2500% in a few hours. If you’re liking the sound of that, we strongly recommend that you jump into the Membership groups for FREE or upgrade your Membership Tier for MORE BENEFITS and Higher ROI.

As always, keep on Trading and we’ll be giving our Members shout outs about the next AltCoin we’re going to be investing in.

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