Here at CryptoFroggy our goal is to show you the way of crypto trading. One of our users recently sent us their personal strategy on how they significantly increased their monthly income by utilizing 10% of their paycheck to trade with every month.

Of course, there are several different methods of trading, however this specific strategy is low-risk and if done correctly, can generate an insane amount of ROI.

So how did our member do this?

Starting Small and Scaling up

We’ll call our trader “Joe” for now because he requested to remain anonymous. We respect anonymity here at CryptoFroggy but also believe in spreading ideas that are worth it. In the case of Joe, he sent us the following message;

Hey Crypto, I just want to start off by saying that since I joined your Hop Trade Groups, this strategy works even better!

Firstly, let me talk about how I started out. I first got into the Crypto game a few years back and as most people had absolutely no idea what it was about. Nonetheless, I had some experience with finance so I jumped into it. After losing out on a few investments, I understood that being consistent was going to be key. So I devised a plan to spend only 10% of my monthly paycheck on trading. 10% for me was a decent amount to invest in and I had no qualms about losing it. It’s something that could make money, but even if I completely lose out, I’d be okay with it.

My first investment was about $500 and after doing some tedious day trading, I managed to turn it into $750. That was $250 in profit! I believed this strategy was going to work, so I kept on doing it for months and saw some serious results.

THEN…I discovered Hop Trades and boy did my money grow. I started out in the Free Tier to test the system and saw anywhere between 300% to 500% increase. I thought to myself, “If this is happening in the lowest Tier…what is Tier 1 like?” I mustered up my confidence and then invested to become a Tier 1 member and was not disappointed. Suddenly, my $500 monthly investments grew by 1500% and in one case more than 2000%. For those who can’t do the math, I turned $500 to $10,500 in a matter of hours. I was shocked!

Should I quite my job now?!? Well, I actually like my job and consider crypto trading as a “side hobby” and boy what a lucrative side hobby it is. For anyone just starting out, I’d recommend starting with the 10% strategy and joining the Hop Trade groups. When you’re comfortable, upgrade to Tier 1 and you’ll never regret it! I’m living the Crypto Dream right now and my investments only become bigger as time passes by.

As you can see, Joe found a way to use a small portion of his monthly earnings and now is seeing massive gains on his investments. For those of you who don’t feel quite comfortable taking big risks, you can join our Public Tier group and play around with the 10% strategy. Once you start seeing gains, consider upgrading to higher tiers to increase your ROI.

 Taking a Leap

In 2010, someone paid 10,000 BTC for two pizzas not understanding the intrinsic value of crypto. Today, people are aware that you can become a millionaire and even a billionaire trading altcoins and other cryptocurrencies. Here at CryptoFroggy we aim to provide you with the tools and opportunities to radically increase your monthly revenue stream. Why not try the “10% strategy” we outlined above and see where it takes you. It’s a low-risk high reward system that can only benefit you in the end.

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