Don’t Worry Bitcoin will Rise again!

Today many people are scratching their heads and worried about the price drop in BTC. Currently at $11,480 at the time of writing this article. If you’ve been watching the price of BTC these past few days you would have noticed it dropping steadily. For some, this translates into a “trust” issue of the cryptocurrency however, there’s more to it than that.

Why did BTC Price Drop?

Well, for starters, we have governments trying to regulate the currently unregulated cryptocurrency market. China has announced it wants to shut down crypto mines and close down exchange sites. Why? Because Cryptocurrency is circumventing the need for government regulations and if you understand Chinese government…they are ALL ABOUT REGULATION. Hell, even the mafia requires government approval in China.

Other Asian countries similarly are trying to clamp down on the Crypto Market, however, their efforts will not prevail.

Trying to regulate Blockchain is nearly impossible. Sure, you’ll probably eventually have some sort of VAT tax associated with crypto trading, however, as long as people have access to the internet, there is literally no way for any government to stop the rise of Crypto.

Why the government(s) will try and fail

Let’s take one step backwards and understand the motivation for governments wanting to crack down on crypto. Firstly, [and this is more of a personal view on things], the government is becoming outdated due to new technologies being introduced. We’re finding that machine learning algorithms are less corruptible and more efficient than human regulation. Blockchain has allowed people to do international commerce without any oversight and as you might have guessed it – this scares the living piss out of government officials.

If a bunch of ones and zeros can replace the functionality of human regulation, why would we want corruptible humans in charge of our finances.

For me personally, crypto is threatening the status quo and while they are trying to get ahead of it…the world of crypto has evolved beyond the point of no return. Blockchain technology will only become stronger this year, more industries will weave it into the fabric of their existence and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin will continue to climb in value. Irrespective of whether China closes down crypto mines or shuts down exchange sites, more people are jumping on the crypto train every single day.

The exponential growth of crypto is higher than the attempts to shut it down. We are currently living in the transitional period between “cash” and “crypto”. Society will embrace crypto trading as the means for exchanging goods and services because let’s face it…banks are simply not doing it anymore. It costs too much, it takes too long and you have to pay exuberant amount of taxes on your exchanges. Crypto eliminates all of this.

Why you should buy and hold Bitcoin today?

Firstly, BTCs price will climb again. Some experts believe it could go well over the $20,000 marker and stay there. That means if today you buy Bitcoin and in a few months it reaches those numbers, you’d easily double your investment. Bitcoin should be your “Gold Standard” in Crypto. It already has a significant infrastructure in place and is the most well-known cryptocurrency on the market.

Of course, don’t place all of your eggs in one basket. Ripple, Ethereum and the likes are also solid long-term holding strategies that will only increase in value over time.

For quick gains, Altcoin trading is where it’s at. Thus, we suggest you keep the vast majority of your crypto in BTC, Ripple and Ethereum, and play the altcoin market for quicker gains. Our HOP Trade groups regularly hit 300%-500% per trade in the altcoin market. We’ll be delivering another trade strategy for newcomers later this week, but if you haven’t joined our HOP Trade group yet, simply click here to join. 

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Nonetheless, don’t worry about the Crypto prices dropping now. Last year BTC experienced a similar scenario and once the dust settles, people will once more start buying a lot of bitcoin. Right now is a great time to buy because over the next few months BTC is poised to grow significantly. Some experts even believe it could hit the $60k marker, however keeping it conservative, we can almost definitely expect it to rise above $20k per BTC.

One strategy could be to buy BTC, the other to trade Altcoin and keep the profits in BTC. Here at CryptoFroggy we can help with the latter.


Here at CryptoFroggy our goal is to show you the way of crypto trading. One of our users recently sent us their personal strategy on how they significantly increased their monthly income by utilizing 10% of their paycheck to trade with every month.

Of course, there are several different methods of trading, however this specific strategy is low-risk and if done correctly, can generate an insane amount of ROI.

So how did our member do this?

Starting Small and Scaling up

We’ll call our trader “Joe” for now because he requested to remain anonymous. We respect anonymity here at CryptoFroggy but also believe in spreading ideas that are worth it. In the case of Joe, he sent us the following message;

Hey Crypto, I just want to start off by saying that since I joined your Hop Trade Groups, this strategy works even better!

Firstly, let me talk about how I started out. I first got into the Crypto game a few years back and as most people had absolutely no idea what it was about. Nonetheless, I had some experience with finance so I jumped into it. After losing out on a few investments, I understood that being consistent was going to be key. So I devised a plan to spend only 10% of my monthly paycheck on trading. 10% for me was a decent amount to invest in and I had no qualms about losing it. It’s something that could make money, but even if I completely lose out, I’d be okay with it.

My first investment was about $500 and after doing some tedious day trading, I managed to turn it into $750. That was $250 in profit! I believed this strategy was going to work, so I kept on doing it for months and saw some serious results.

THEN…I discovered Hop Trades and boy did my money grow. I started out in the Free Tier to test the system and saw anywhere between 300% to 500% increase. I thought to myself, “If this is happening in the lowest Tier…what is Tier 1 like?” I mustered up my confidence and then invested to become a Tier 1 member and was not disappointed. Suddenly, my $500 monthly investments grew by 1500% and in one case more than 2000%. For those who can’t do the math, I turned $500 to $10,500 in a matter of hours. I was shocked!

Should I quite my job now?!? Well, I actually like my job and consider crypto trading as a “side hobby” and boy what a lucrative side hobby it is. For anyone just starting out, I’d recommend starting with the 10% strategy and joining the Hop Trade groups. When you’re comfortable, upgrade to Tier 1 and you’ll never regret it! I’m living the Crypto Dream right now and my investments only become bigger as time passes by.

As you can see, Joe found a way to use a small portion of his monthly earnings and now is seeing massive gains on his investments. For those of you who don’t feel quite comfortable taking big risks, you can join our Public Tier group and play around with the 10% strategy. Once you start seeing gains, consider upgrading to higher tiers to increase your ROI.

 Taking a Leap

In 2010, someone paid 10,000 BTC for two pizzas not understanding the intrinsic value of crypto. Today, people are aware that you can become a millionaire and even a billionaire trading altcoins and other cryptocurrencies. Here at CryptoFroggy we aim to provide you with the tools and opportunities to radically increase your monthly revenue stream. Why not try the “10% strategy” we outlined above and see where it takes you. It’s a low-risk high reward system that can only benefit you in the end.

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What Is in Store for Cryptocurrency In 2018?

What Is in Store for Cryptocurrency In 2018?

One thing is certain about Crypto Currencies, no one knows exactly how it’s going to behave. The value of Crypto is based on the number of people that use it and trust it. The more trust, the more value. It’s that simple. Today we’ll be looking at what we  (think) [best educated guess] the Crypto Market will be doing. If there is one thing we can say for sure…is that this fresh new trading environment is only going to get BIGGER!

There were many predictions by so-called experts in 2017 and no one was able to predict it correctly. Most thought Bitcoin was a bubble that was about to pop and others predicted moderate increases up to $4,000. No one expected it to get to around the $20,000 and even though it has dropped, it has still settled around the $15,000 mark. What the mainstream media seem to be forgetting are the huge returns it has made over the year than the occasional profits taking. Anyone with a Bitcoin Wallet with a sizeable amount held in it over the whole year made a fortune and the same will happen the year ahead.

The world’s governments weren’t prepared for BlockChain technology or as we call it “The Great Disruptor” and in placed like China they had Regulation Wars…or in other words, trying to tame the weather.

In 2018 we are going to see a “regulation war” as Governments will try to control the decentralized product. It is going to be a very difficult task to control a Bitcoin Wallet and one which is doomed to fail. Rather than fighting the crypto revolution, they should be embracing it. It will only take one country to adopt their own state cryptocurrency and the rest will have to follow. There have been many rumors that China and Russia are going to release their own cryptocurrency. If this happened, the 2017 boom in cryptocurrencies will look like a drop in the ocean.

BTC might not be the highest Crypto Coin by years end, but then again…it still might be even bigger than expected. People like McAfee and the likes are investing large sums of money in BTC meaning we shouldn’t count it out. On the other hand, Currencies such as Ripple might be etching out a place for itself in the near future.

Ripple has the possibility to become the world’s leading cryptocurrency in 2018 and has pushed Ethereum into third place. With the banks and hedge funds now dipping their toes into the crypto market, these two digital currencies are their preferred choice. That could send the prices skyrocketing and transform the sector.


2018 is going to be a roller coaster of a ride and as the worldwide economy gets worse, cryptocurrencies will benefit. The regulation battle is going to get dirty but due to the decentralized nature, it should be able to survive the war. We are going to see inflation get out of control in many parts of the world due to the collapse in fiat money. This will escalate the economic crisis and the solution to it is cryptocurrency. It only takes one government around the world to realize this and the revolution will make the boom of 2017 look like a tiny blip on the chart.

As you can see, nobody ever really “knows” what the big picture will look like, however the smaller picture, the AltCoin Market Place has a few very lucrative scenarios in the upcoming year. This is where we focus most of our efforts on. In fact, we saw today in another Hop Trade group one of our coins shooting up 2500% in a few hours. If you’re liking the sound of that, we strongly recommend that you jump into the Membership groups for FREE or upgrade your Membership Tier for MORE BENEFITS and Higher ROI.

As always, keep on Trading and we’ll be giving our Members shout outs about the next AltCoin we’re going to be investing in.

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Weathering the Altcoin Shitstorm (And Investing for the Next One)

Weathering the Altcoin Shitstorm (And Investing for the Next One)

It’s an exciting time for Crypto Investors everywhere. With the rise of several AltCoins and the relative stability of BTC, we can expect 2018 to be filled with a lot of lucrative investment opportunities. Today we’ll be looking at what happened at the end of 2017 and how 2018 will shape up. We’ve sourced this from a Coindesk analysis and have provided a link to the full article below. We’ll be commenting on excerpts throughout the article providing the unique CryptoFroggy views.

Brendan Bernstein is a founding member of Tetras Capital Partners, LLC , an investment manager focused on investing in cryptocurrencies and blockchain assets. The crypto market moves in cycles – and understanding these cycles is key to profiting, managing risk and keeping sane.

The past few months in context

Over the last few months, the market has been driven by new capital entering the space and a psychological acceptance of bitcoin. The capital — both retail and institutional (i.e., new crypto hedge funds) — entered initially through the most liquid crypto assets and fiat currency onramps.

Bitcoin, being the most liquid fiat onramp, has performed well. It was also the first asset many investors became comfortable with during that time.

From July 1st to Dec. 10th, bitcoin dominance (or its percentage of total cryptocurrency market capitalization) increased from 41% to 66% – even as the overall market cap of all cryptocurrencies was increasing outside of bitcoin. BTC’s price increased from $2,492 to almost $20,000.

There are a few other AltCoins that are starting to show similar traits. We’ve been analyzing the marketplace and identifying smaller ‘lower-risk’ investment opportunities and hosted a few Hop Trade events where the participants generated significant ROI. We believe Bitcoin will still be the “standardized Crypto Currency” and will continue to grow significantly over the course of the year. It’s good to “Hold” these and diversify into other AltCoins for quicker gains. Our Hop Trade groups are primarily focused on these AltCoins.

The short-term crypto cycle in action

Moving toward December, the market started to become more and more dominated by retail and – let’s be honest – less crypto-educated capital. Coinbase is a great proxy for this phenomenon. From June to October, Coinbase signups were relatively constant at about30,000 per day.

However, starting in early November, this number started to increase dramatically, exceeding 100,000 on some days. Initially, this capital continued to pour into bitcoin, putting fuel on the short-term cycle and building new investor sentiment in favor of BTC. BTC was going to $100,000, and by the time CNBC debuted its coveted “BTC Ticker,” the pendulum had swung too far in BTC’s direction. Larger investors started to take profits, bitcoin began to falter. It was time to find the next new shiny object…

As capital moved out of bitcoin and into other assets, we saw the end of one short-term cycle and beginning of the next. Starting in early December, a new cycle began and the “cheaper” Coinbase assets stole the show.

This is precisely what we’re talking about. BTC is the mother of all whales at the moment and many people will be investing in BTC for the long term pay off. Some experts believe we’ll be hitting $60k per BTC in this year. This means if you’re buying $1000 of BTC today, by mid-year it might be worth $4000. When it hits those marks, be sure to see a dip occur again as many investors will pull out some of their BTC and convert it to FIAT currency. During those dips in BTC, the ALTcoin Market increases significantly and this is where our Hop Trade Groups shine. If you’re interested in participating in these events, be sure to Sign Up to our Membership groups and gain instant access.

Where we are – and how to profit

The answer to investing is rarely black and white. It’s not “get in” or “get out.” It’s usually somewhere in the middle.

When people are increasingly willing to take risk and fear of missing out (FOMO) is prevailing over any sense of security and analytical discipline, that’s the time to be worried. When the fundamentally weakest assets are rallying the most and people are proclaiming BTC is dead, we’re starting to near the end of a short-term, altcoin-dominated cycle.

The problem is that investors tend to think of themselves as analytical, disciplined and contrarian, but the fact of the matter is that most tend to magnify cyclical moves. They cannot stomach the possibility they may miss out on gains. That is why predicting the exact top and bottom is so challenging. But doing so with exact precision is not necessary…

Profiting from the short-term market cycles is not predicated on owning 0 bitcoin at peak alt and 0 alts at peak BTC. The key is that when investor euphoria is widespread, we should lighten up on those assets which are expensive and be more aggressive with those that are cheap. The time to be overweight alts is at the beginning and middle of the altcoin cycle. Not towards the end. And the same generally holds true for bitcoin.

It’s about calibrating and balancing your allocation of capital in accordance with the current cycle and how aggressive or defensive you want to be.

For our Members, we do the heavy lifting. We have several Crypto Scouts always monitoring the market. We think doing several smaller investments while you build your portfolio is key to generating significant wealth. While there might be Skeptics, BTC is just in it’s infancy still…well more like the Toddler of the CryptoCurrency Market. Thus, we’re finding that holding our BTC is creating more gains for us to play with in the Altcoin market where we’re doing quick trades to increase our ROI then store that back in BTC when there’s a dip. It’s been working fantastically thus far and we’re hoping to see significant gains this coming year.

If you’re interested in finding out what all the fuss is about with Crypto Trading, join our Tier Membership program either for Free with our Tier 3 level, or upgrade to Tier 1 (BIGGEST RIO) or Tier 2 (SIGNIFICANT ROI) groups for special benefits. It’s time to join the Crypto Revolution and to Start Hop Trading Today!


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Price Analysis, Jan. 06: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, IOTA, Litecoin, NEM, Cardano

Price Analysis, Jan. 06: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, IOTA, Litecoin, NEM, Cardano

How is the world of Crypto Currency Fairing at the dawn of 2018? This recent analysis of several alt-coins might be able to provides us with a clearer understanding of future trends based on recent activities. Let’s see what the experts have to say about it.


We had suggested initiating long positions in Bitcoin at $15,500 in our previous analysis. The level was reached yesterday, Jan. 5, which triggered the long position. Subsequently, the price broke out of the resistance at $16,500 and rallied to a high of $17,083.67, where it witnessed profit booking.

Currently, the cryptocurrency is in a pullback. It is likely to find support at the $15,500 mark that had served as resistance earlier. The trendline support is also at the same level. Therefore, we recommend keeping a stop loss of $15,000 in our positions. It’ll reduce our risk. On the upside, we expect a rally to $19,000 levels if Bitcoin sustains above $17,000. But traders should trail their stops higher as the trade moves in their favor.


Price Analysis, Jan. 06: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, IOTA, Litecoin, NEM, CardanoAs we can see, Bitcoin is still the strongest Cryptocurrency on the market. Some analysts believe that BTC could reach record highs in 2018. There’s been several talk about massive organizations embracing Bitcoin, however we’ll expand more on that in further articles. Let’s see how Ethereum is performing.




For the past two days, Jan.4-5, Ethereum has been facing profit booking at the resistance line of the ascending channel. If successful, the ETH/USD pair can climb to $1,200 levels and thereafter to $1,310.In case the bulls fail to break out of the ascending channel, a fall to the lower end of the channel at $840 is likely. That’s why we believe partial profits should be taken between $1,000 and $1,040 levels. Rest of the positions can be held with a close stop loss depending on the strategy of the trader.


Price Analysis, Jan. 06: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, IOTA, Litecoin, NEM, CardanoUnderstanding current trends can help us increase our ROI by knowing “when to sell”. With our Hop Trades, we show you exactly how to properly analyse trends in order to know when to Hold and when to Sell. You can check out more about our Tier membership levels by clicking on “Memberships”.

But enough about that, let’s continue to look at where other Crypto Markets are…



Ripple is currently in a pullback after reaching a high of $3.317 on Jan. 04. However, the fall to $2.15 levels yesterday, Jan.5, was bought aggressively. In the near term, this is a critical support point, below which the correction is likely to extend to $1.76 levels. Ripple has a history of sharp rallies, which are followed by a period of correction/consolidation.

Price Analysis, Jan. 06: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, IOTA, Litecoin, NEM, CardanoThe first up move from March 2 to April 2 of this year saw about 1,100 percent rise. The second rally from April 25 to May 17 resulted in 1,183 percent gain. The most recent rally from Dec. 11 to Jan. 4 led to 1,390 percent growth.However, this is not an exact science and the above-mentioned projections will be invalidated if Ripple breaks out and sustains above $3.317.



Our plan here at CryptoFroggy is to provide you with accurate insight on what’s happening within the Crypto Marketplace. We pull from various sources and always include links to the original articles. If you’re interested on seeing the full analysis, simply click on this link to access that file.

How can we take advantage of the current Crypto Market Environment?

One thing that is certain when we’re dealing with Crypto Currency is that when the larger more known crypto currencies take a dive, it gives chance for several other altcoins to raise in value. We saw this just a few days ago with several of the alt coins we were watching in our Hop Trade Groups. For one, “LIT” we saw growth of up to 500% in just a few minutes!

If you’re interested in checking out the dynamics of our Hop Trade Groups, you can join our Membership program for Free in “Tier 3”. However, if you’re serious about generating some significant ROI, consider joining some of our higher Tiers since they get alerted about when to Hold and when to Sell before everyone else. Either way, the vast majority of our members produce significant gains with each Hop Trade they participate in.

We have several Hop Trade Events per week. So be sure to join our Membership Program today and Hop on to the Money Train!

See on the inside.


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